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The Essential Guide to RTO Compliance Book (Ebook)

Through ten years of consulting experience we know Registered Training Organisation compliance can be a time-consuming task and a real source of stress – we have heard this frequently from our clients. Rather than being helpful for your business, it just feels like a hindrance. In this book we will show you how to remove your compliance headache, once and for all, then how to use compliance to improve and grow your business.

“After a decade of working with RTOs in the VET sector, Gillian Heard and Karen Sell are experts in their field. They are to be commended for tackling the why, what and how of compliance for RTOs. They have been able to demystify a complex and challenging area for anyone with an interest in vocational education in Australia.”

– Robyn Alexander, Alexander Toohey Pty Ltd

Hard copy book also available for purchase – view hard copy version here.

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