Teams are the building blocks of any organisation.  As leaders, we organise our staff and volunteers into teams in an attempt to facilitate a more effective environment, to share the responsibility of leadership, to improve communication and to enhance decision making.  But simply putting people into teams does not guarantee success. People engage more in a team when they feel that their contribution matters. Collaborative teams produce better results, come up with fresh ideas, foster confidence and competence in team members and encourage all team members to use their gifts and skills.

How do we foster collaboration?

  1. Be prepared to share the leadership and allow space for others to step up and work alongside you.  Effective collaboration happens when people are clear about the vision and goals of the team, are focused on the same outcomes and have the resources and capacity to do the task.
  2. Create opportunities for questioning and brainstorming.  Creative ideas and new and innovative approaches to work are more likely to surface when people feel free to question, try something new, take a risk and potentially fail.
  3. Have fun together and get to know each other.  When people have fun together they are more likely to feel happy and motivated, connect personally to the team and strive to produce good results.