It can be particularly difficult to build a performance culture in an RTO as many RTOs employ trainers and assessors on a casual, contract or part time basis. Therefore, they are not included in key activities within the organisation. The key steps to building a culture of performance in your RTO are:

1. Evaluate the factors that influence RTO performance. Consider some of the following factors: external factors such as Political, Economic, Sociological and Technological issues; performance drivers in your RTO; what motivates people from within the RTO; your RTO history ; support provided to staff to maximise their performance and skills of key staff in the RTO

Have you identified some factors that could be improved? Set some goals to begin to address these issues and you will see an improved culture of performance across your RTO.

2. Link to strategy. A culture of performance should be based on a strategic framework that provides clear policies and procedures, specific and measurable targets and a clear allocation of tasks to all team members. Identification of the strategic priorities of an RTO should clearly outline the operational priorities for various staffing groups within the RTO.  Writing clear and measurable goals will assist staff to focus their efforts on activities that will contribute to overall RTO performance.  Clear goals also enable progress to be measured along the way.

3.  Build Capacity and Communities of Practice. People will be more willing to perform and strive to achieve goals and targets when they have the right mix of experience and training and have opportunities to further improve their knowledge and skills.  A focus on building capacity across the whole team will produce more effective results and be more likely to result in a positive team environment.

4.  Continuous Improvement. A focus on continuous improvement will also contribute to building a culture of performance across the RTO.   This means that in all activities and all throughout the year information is gathered on possible improvements and initiatives to address these areas are implemented on an ongoing basis.

How did you fare on this question?  If you identified areas for improvement in your RTO we can help you to:

  • review your current capacity to perform
  • develop and implement a planning culture
  • provide professional development to build capacity.