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Navigating the Course Accreditation Process Webinar Pack

Need help with developing a course for accreditation?

The process of writing a course and navigating the complex process of accreditation can be frustrating, costly and very time consuming. Here is a quick and easy solution for you to equip yourself and your team to successfully complete the course accreditation process with ASQA.

We have packaged together 2 webinars which explore this complex process and shed light on the puzzle of course accreditation. Also included is a set of self assessment questions that are designed to help you to familiarise yourself with:

  • Course Accreditation in the Vocational Education Sector,
  • the language of the sector and,
  • the important documents, websites and supporting organisations that you will need as you navigate the Course Accreditation process.

What’s in the pack?

  1. Recording of Webinar 1: Getting started with course accreditation
  2. Powerpoint slides for Webinar 1
  3. Recording of Webinar 2: Getting down to the business of course development
  4. Powerpoint slides for Webinar 2
  5. Course Accreditation Self Assessment Questions

What’s covered in the Webinars?

Webinar 1: Getting started with course accreditation

The first webinar in this 2 part series will explore what an accredited course is and why we need them in the VET sector. We will also work through some tips to navigate the process successfully and discuss the course accreditation process and documentation required by ASQA.

Webinar 2: Getting down to the business of course development

The second webinar in our series focuses on the nuts and bolts of course development. During this webinar we will work through 2 case studies to demonstrate how to develop an accredited course, write units of competency and pull all the details together for a successful application.


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