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Leadership Coaching


Ask any successful entrepreneur about the key foundation on which they built their business and great people will always be at the top of the list. RTOs thrive under great leadership, however maintaining leadership effectiveness in the ever changing world of vocational education is becoming increasingly more complex and challenging.

Through years of consulting to RTOs and creating professional development programs we have observed that coaching is one of the best ways to develop great staff. Done well it is extremely effective.

Here are six ways coaching can develop awesome staff and improve results in your business.

  1. Coaching maximises the potential of staff and increases productivity
  2. Coaching aligns the activities of your staff with the vision and direction of your business
  3. Coaching develops leadership skills
  4. Coaching can support and facilitate change
  5. Coaching can improve staff retention
  6. Coaching will enhance your team

This coaching service is designed for:

  • RTO Managers
  • Compliance Manager
  • Team leaders
  • and Leaders of RTOs.

Our expert coaches have extensive experience in:

  • RTO compliance management
  • Course development
  • Team development
  • RTO set up
  • Course Accreditation
  • Strategic planning
  • Continuous improvement

Coaches can provide a flexible schedule of coaching to assist your staff achieve their goals.

What does a typical 6 month coaching program involve?
  • Optional diagnostic analysis (using a range of tools including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and career assessment tools )
  • 6 x 1 hour coaching discussions (usually 1 per month, in person or on Skype)
  • Phone or email follow up to support goal progress

Programs will be designed in consultation.

Additional travel costs may be charged if your RTO is located outside the Greater Sydney Area.

Contact us to discuss your needs:

Karen on 0431139306 or

Gillian on 0403595446


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