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Planning and Facilitating Effective Validation Sessions Webinar Pack

Are you on track to meet the validation requirements of the Standards for RTOs 2015?

These 2 webinars provide guidance on how to successfully plan for, schedule and conduct effective validation sessions.

What’s in the pack?
  1. Recording of Webinar 1: Scheduling your validation activities to meet the April 2018 deadline
  2. Powerpoint slides for webinar 1
  3. Recording of Webinar 2: Facilitating validation – The Keys to a Successful Session
  4. Powerpoint slides for webinar 2
  5. The Assessment Validation Pack which includes:
    • Validation Procedure for Facilitators
    • Validation Guidelines for Participants
    • Validation Checklist to guide the process of review of assessment materials
    • Validation Report to summarise findings and monitor modifications
  6. A Validation Planning tool to guide you through the process for planning and scheduling systematic validation
What’s covered in the Webinars?
Webinar 1: Scheduling your validation activities to meet the April 2018 deadline

The first webinar in this 2 part series will start with a definition of validation, consider why validation is important and discuss the systems, schedules and support required to schedule effective validation sessions.

Webinar 2: Facilitating validation – The Keys to a Successful Session

Webinar 2 focuses in on the process of facilitating the actual validation session. Using a case study we discuss how to use checklists to guide the session, how to use the sample size calculator and discuss the importance of the principles of assessment and rules of evidence when conducting validation.

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